How Bakmi GM Maximizes Loyalty and Revenue in the Pandemic Era


Feb 3, 2021 • 3 min read

Bakmi GM Loyalty

The F&B industry is being faced with a harsher business environment than ever. Each day, most restaurants operate under restricted hours and sparse numbers of customers.

The odds of restaurants increasing their sales and acquiring new customers are further eroded. Let’s take a look at how one popular F&B brand in Indonesia, Bakmi GM, takes on these challenges boldly with innovative strategies.

Bakmi GM is one of the leading noodle restaurants in Indonesia. Being in the F&B industry for over 50 years, Bakmi GM now has over 30.000 customers everyday of different demographic segments, such as age, profession, and so on. 

Considering this large number of customers from different backgrounds, as well as the many branches Bakmi GM has all over Indonesia, it can be hard for such a brand like this to truly engage with its customers and nurture their loyalty.

The challenge is even more significant during this pandemic era, when Bakmi GM cannot operate as usual due to stricter government policies. Thus, Bakmi GM strategizes by finding a new way to keep maximizing loyalty and revenue despite the harsh conditions.

1. Creating a membership program

Bakmi GM revamped their membership program to better show their appreciation to their loyal customers. With this membership program, customers can sign up and gain digital points whenever they dine at Bakmi GM. These points can be collected and redeemed into free Bakmi GM products.

This revamped app also has more member engagement features, runs faster, and is more reliable than Bakmi GM’s previous program. At the same time, this program also opens up a way for Bakmi GM to know and understand its customer base, thus enabling them to create more relevant campaigns that are truly exciting for the customers.

2. Starting a delivery order system

Having its own delivery system is a crucial way for Bakmi GM to keep making revenue despite closed-down physical stores. It’s also more convenient and appealing for customers who are wary of leaving their house. Instead of relying on third-party services which charge more and put Bakmi GM side-by-side with its competitors, Bakmi GM chooses to have its own delivery system.

Moreover, this reduces human error in processing orders and allows Bakmi GM to reach a wider customer base, granting them competitive advantage over other brands that still rely on third-party providers.

Tada has provided loyalty solutions for businesses from different industries, enabling them to retain customers better and increasing their chances of sustaining themselves during these tough times. If you would like to see how these strategies can be implemented for your business, don’t hesitate to request our demo and find out more!

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