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TADA Marketing & Customer Retention Blog

3 min read

Spoil Your Customers with Loyalty Program, Birthday Rewards and Stamp

Nida Amalia .

Are you aware that 55-70% of your total sales come from just 15% of your most loyal customers? They are the most important aspect of your business. Not only that, just by nurturing loyalty with 5% more customers, you can increase your profits by 25-95%!

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5 min read

How to Define Your Reward to Selective Customers

Nida Amalia .

Rewarding programs are undoubtedly crucial to businesses. With over 92% of customers agreeing that rewards influence their purchase decision, it’s about time that your business starts to consider a rewarding program.

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4 min read

Building Customer and Digital Rewards in Business Ecosystem

Nida Amalia .

How do you make customers keep coming back to your business?

Have you ever questioned this? Every business will be excited to welcome new customers. Sadly, most of the time that’s the only time businesses get to meet them. They don’t always return. The hardest part is bringing customers to come back a second time. Once they do, it will be easier to make them keep coming back.

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