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Add These Exclusive Hotel and Dining Vouchers to Your Redemption Catalog!

Yunny Yunita .

Hotel industries are among the hardest hit industries this year due to the pandemic. With hotels starting to re-open with strict New Normal procedures, we have seen a movement where people are more confident in dining or staycation-ing at hotels. After all, people need going out to a trustable establishment to refresh once in a while after all that quarantine! Where better than these reputable premium hotels. Check out our offers from these premium Jakarta hotels; Fairmont Jakarta, Ayana, and Grand Mahakam. Add these vouchers to your company’s redemption catalog now! 

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3 min read

The Next Era of Loyalty Programs

Clara Alverina .

Loyalty programs are common among companies to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. More and more businesses are using loyalty programs to reward their customers for repeat purchases of their products and services.

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