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4 min read

Virtual Franchise: Create a New Sales Channel

Clara Alverina .

In the past 10 years, people’s behavior of business has changed significantly from the physical to the virtual. It is still happening now including in franchise business. Quite different from the conventional concept, a virtual franchise enables you to grow your brand with the help of your customers as franchisees through apps or websites. One simple example is that when customers buy your product in the app and then they are asked to “tell others” or “share the product” to their friends so you get more potential customers. The franchisee on the other hand, gets rewards like points, vouchers or others to use in the next purchase. It then creates a profitable symbiosis between the franchisor and franchisee as both get the benefits they want: higher selling and rewards, respectively. You can create a new sales channel and at the same time creating an opportunity for others during this time.

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