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TADA Marketing & Customer Retention Blog

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Support Handmade Local Products and Empower Our Communities with TADA

Yunny Yunita .

This pandemic brings the rise of appreciation for local products as health concerns cause customers to look for closely sourced products and be more mindful of supporting the local business. In addition, local products that bring positive social and financial impact to the community are on the high rise as these products nurture local pride.

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TADA x Sayurbox Subscription Program: A Convenient, Safe & Beneficial Way of Grocery Shopping

Clara Alverina .

As most businesses have reopened in the new normal, loyal customers are the key to sustaining businesses, especially after the hard blow from the pandemic. Customer retention plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer loyalty for any business. TADA helps in doing exactly this: increasing customer retention rate for your business sustainability. One of the solutions TADA offers for businesses is the subscription program, 

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